Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reign in First Place

We are now two games into the season and I can already tell that this season is just going to fly by. We played our first game against Boston, which as expected was a bit of a mess and kind of all over the place. The first week of preseason, the first game and the first 15 minutes of every game are usually just wild times, balls to the wall... and then it all settles down and whats natural starts to shine through. Essentially its just the honey moon period of soccer. So getting that first win against Boston was a great way to start the season!!  Not to mention my parents made the trip up here which is always an adventure! They are the best explorers I know and when ever they are in town our days are packed full of the funnest things! 
We went to the tallest building in Seattle 
Went to the Seattle Center and Space Needle. 
We went to Pikes Place 
Anddddd they came to my game! 
Basically what I am saying is that my parents are the best in the world! 
After they left we had a 10 day break before our next game. Usually when you have a 10 day break during season that means that you will have a week of really hard training... and that makes the 10 days seem like 20 days, but that 10 days seriously flew by. We all lost track of days and suddenly... here we were at another game day! 
We played Washington Spirit last night and they were fresh off of a 3-1 victory over Kansas CIty, so they were feeling and looking really good! Not to mention two of my favorite people Jordan Angeli and Tiffany Weimer play on Washington, so I was super excited for this game. 
It was perfect Seattle weather, rainy and a bit chilly, but Memorial Stadium was amazing as usual. The atmosphere is just so unique and fun. I love it!
The team performed, to say the least. Naho and Elli on the right side of the field tore it UP!!!! Keelin with a sick goal, Kendall with a back flip after her goal... like what happened last night??!!! haha it was a real treat! 
Now we are the only team in the NWSL with two wins and we are blowing up all sorts of Reign records. Last night was the first win the Reign has had without Megan Rapinoe, we have almost reached half of the amount of wins as the Reign had all of last season, and the big one... this is the first time the Reign have been at the top of the table! So, overall the season is starting out well! 
We have another game on Sunday against Houston Dash, so be sure to tune into our Youtube channel to watch! 
I hope all is well and much love from the great North West!

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