Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nail Biter of a Game

We played our second game today.  It was our first home match, but unfortunately we were not able to play in our stadium.  I was told it was because there was something more important that was scheduled at the field... but I thought that story had some loop holes in it. What could possibly be more important than the city's only women's futbol home opener (for the second half of the season) on a Wednesday evening at our stadium?  I couldnt find any answers... so I assume it is because our field is not in the best shape because of the late winter weather we have had.

Regardless, it was really nice that we literally played at our HOME stadium.  We played on the turf training field that is on the base.  It is a really nice field, so I didnt mind, plus we didnt have to travel at all.  We are playing in the Russia Cup right now, which is played in a similar fashion to the Champions League.  For those of you who dont know... that just means that you play the same team twice, once at home and once away.  The combine the scores of both games to determine who goes through to the next round.  So we will play the same team again next week at their stadium.  Which will be interesting after today's match.

Again, I started at attacking midfield and again, the game was really fast and very direct.  This was an intense game... we went into PK's and by the end of the 120 minutes I literally couldnt run more then 3 steps without my calves and feet threatening to completely cramp up.  For those of you who have been lucky enough to witness how ridiculous I look when that does happen... lets just say it is not a pretty sight!

About 35 minutes into the first half they had a throw in level with the 18 yr box and they threw it into my player who flicked it over my head (making me look rather silly) and then she tried to shoot... but miss-hit is badly and the ball went rolling slowly to the opposite of the 18 yr box.  But because it was so slow our defenders werent really expecting any danger when their outside player came out of no where and scored before any of us really knew what had happened.  We went into half time knowing our coach was NOT going to be happy about that.

Then in the second half we got a free kick outside the 18 and one of our forwards took it... she chipped the wall of players standing in front and our outside back Dannilova brought it down calmly and scored a pretty sweet half volley to tie it up.  Then, I cant really remember how it happened but they scored another goal in about the 80th minute to go back up 2-1.  So we started throwing everything forward to try to score.  In about the 85th minute there was a long ball that was going out towards the side lines.  I chased it down and saved it just as it was about to go out... I dribbled into the 18 beat a player as the goalie was coming out, diving to the far post, leaving the entire near post open.  So I scored tying it back up 2-2.

Because this is a tournament we went into over time.  We had plenty of chances and probably could have scored and put it away a few times.  But it went into PK's.  They shot first and made their first, then I was the first on our team to take a PK and I scored.  Then they missed their next two.  All of our players made theirs and the score ended up 4-1... FC ENERGY WINS!!! Wahooooo!!!

It was a very exciting, very exhausting day to say the least. Not to mention I have decided to check another thing off my bucket list by reading the Harry Potter Series.  I am not joking when I say this, nor am I trying to brag about my reading abilities... BUT, I figured this would maybe help pass some free time in the next 2.5 months.  I am not sure if it is because these books are so good, or because we have so much down time, or maybe the combination of the two... but I have made it through the first 3 books in 3 days.  At this rate, this series wont even last me 2 weeks! I am going to try to slow my pace... but I doubt that will happen!

Anyways, CONGRATS to another win for FC Energy and here's to everyone back at home for following!




  1. Congratulations!!! - I felt like I was reading a recap in the Sports section of the Denver Post. You are a terrific reporter. It sounds like you played your heart out - hope you got some rest afterwards. Thanks for sharing such great news. Can't wait until your nest posting. I am sending lots of love and hugs.

    Auntie BeBe