Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Regular Season Game

I cant believe it. The 2014 NWSL season is a a few days away from being officially over. The top 4 teams that will be continuing their post season are not set yet but we have won the league and thus we will for sure be hosting a semi final game on the 24th. The championship will then be held August 31. It is just mind blowing that this time is already upon us, it seems like just yesterday that we were just starting this crazy season. 
The end of every season is by far the most stressful time of the year. Unfortunately that usually comes twice a year, once every six months. September 1st not only marks the day that our season is officially done, but it also is the day that everyone has to be out of the houses/apartment/apodment/host family house or what ever else temporary housing situation we have been living in for the last 6 months. We would all like to hope that the morning of September 1st we will wake up with a medal around our neck and some funny celebration stories from the night before, but the truth is, that with or without a medal... we have to wake up and MOVE! UGHHHH! What a celebration that is!
Then comes September 2nd which is pretty much when everyone heads out across the world to  their new leagues and new teams or new jobs and we all have to say "sianara" until that next February. Its pretty crazy what a quick turn around we must make. I mean, heaven forbid you find a house that you like, or want to have a pet, or even a healthy relationship for that matter. Our lives change every six months and not just in a small way... they change drastically. But thats ok, we have all become pretty used to it by now, but it still doesnt make it any less stressful come this time of year. And still, we move into a place acting like it is our home for the next ten years, like really setting up shop... only to pick up and move out again in 6 months. Its pretty stupid of us actually, but can you blame us for trying to have a semi normal life? 
Anyways.... So, here we are with that annoying day approaching us rather rapidly and we are all trying to sort out our lives whilst still focusing on the most important games of the season. We have our last regular season game this Sunday at Portland. I think it will be in front of a sell out crowd, and one I have may fond memories playing in front of! And dont forget that the northwest rivalry between Seattle and Portland runs very, very deep... so it will be an exciting game to say the least! That's Sunday at 2 o'clock. Better get your tickets now. 
And then, in a completely unrelated matter, last night a lot of girls from the Reign went to the Ray LaMontagne concert. He was performing out at Marymoor Park and we went with a good group and took up a lot of room on the lawn to watch! We had a pretty spectacular time jamming to his music. But I must say the highlight of the night for me was that Kim Little and Mariah Noguiera were standing in a food line and one of the guys who worked the concert looked over and said "OMG is that Kim Little??" Kim's face just turned bright red (so obviously she didnt say anything) but Mariah responded on her behalf, "Yes, yes it is." The man then said "I am THE BIGGEST Kim Little fan... here give her the VIP tickets." So Kim and Mariah got comped into the VIP section, with the best seats in the house for the rest of the evening. Normally I would be too jealous of their fortunes to tell you this story, however, Kim is absolutely one of the best people and hands down the best player I have ever met in my entire life and she deserves EVERY single bit of recognition she receives. I literally think the world of her... and so to see that someone else sees that same brilliance in her and gave her what he could made me really happy. And you know what... Mariah was the best person I could think of who also deserves that... so that made me really happy for them! 
Other than that we are in full practice mode again, we are preparing for our game this weekend and we are enjoying the grey weather that Seattle has brought back about. I know its kind of pathetic but I love the grey skies so much that I am actually looking forward to September even though the sun only shines here for three months... I am about ready for the grey again. August is too hot... and thats why I will never be able to live anywhere out side of the Pacific Northwest. Its just too hot... and I cant handle it. haha. Thats all I got for you. 
Laura is still crazy awesome, Sam still makes his games unnecessarily complicated and I am not looking forward to the season being over :-( I love this team too much! 
Thats all for now!
Much love!

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