Friday, August 1, 2014

The End of the Season is Near

I have once again let my blog posting slip away and I will again apologize for that. I was nicely reminded via twitter yesterday that I have not posted anything in a hot minute (someone straight up told me I suck at keeping a blog)... Nevertheless, I will do my very best to catch you up with all that is happening in the sweet life of the Seattle Reign players and staff.   
Thats a lie... the last post I did was when we were only 7 games into the season and we are now 20 games in... so I dont want to, nor do I think you want me to go back and talk about the 13 games that happened somewhere in between now and then. Basically what happened was that we traveled a lot and played a lot of games... we had a lot of wins, some ties and one loss. You know, the typical journey of a season... its been up and down. But having said that, we have been on a consistent incline towards peaking at the end of the season, which is our ultimate goal. And to bring you right up to the present we played Portland this passed Sunday at home and won with out best overall performance this season, 5-0! It has been a lot of hard work, a lot of travel and a lot of laughs... but thats mostly because Laura is our coach and thats how our team functions.
For those of you who dont know, Laura Harvey is our head coach and the best coach I have ever played for. She is absolutely hysterical, a great coach and an even better person... to put it simply,  we are her team and we are proud of that! To epitomize her... the other day she came in after the post Thorns match press conference and said "Well that press conference was shit." I said, "Why?" and she said "They didnt have any banta for me. I only got a few laughs..." I said "Is that how you judge how well a press conference goes?" And she said "D.F." (which is her nick name for me) "That's how I judge every day of my life... 'Laura, how was your day?' Did I make anyone laugh? no...? Then, it was a shit day." Then she walked away and I was left laughing at her knowing that she was actually serious about that. I think thats how everyone should judge how good their day was... how many people did you make laugh today? The more laughs you got the better day you just lived.
That leads me to the next thing I need to discuss... our team is just incredible. On the field this team is just made of the best in the world. From the back to the front...  I can go down the line and give you proofs about every one of them to defend my beliefs here, but I wont. Instead I will just say that Laura and our owners have put together a team that is full of great players... and with that comes some strong personality. So many wildly different personalities... but somehow deep down we are a like minded team. We all love what we do. This team genuinely loves to work our asses off knowing full well that every other girl on this team is doing the same thing to fight with you. And that gives us genuine enjoyment... we are a team with no inhibitions and no fear and I have loved every second of this season. 
This blog has actually taken me a few days to write haha, sorry about my ADD... regardless, our last game against Houston sealed the league championship for us and that was quite exciting for everyone! We celebrated in style after the game by going to a very casual restaurant where, by happen chance, a lovely lady named Paige did acoustic renditions of all of the greatest 90's tunes... Nsync, Aqua, Snoop Dog, Blink 182... we sang and danced our hearts out! The joy of that was short lived however as we had to get on a plane the next morning to go to our last big road game against Kansas City. 
So thats where we are right now! And tonight we enjoyed a night out as a team to watch Sporting KC play the Philly MLS team and are in bed early to get some rest before our game tomorrow night. 

I will do my best to keep my blog up to date from here on out... but if I forget (which I absolutely will) feel free to send me a tweet (preferably nicer than the last reminder I received).

Thanks to all the fans who have supported the Reign throughout the season, you guys are just the best! Keep following as we get into playoffs... it is after all, THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!

much love!


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