Monday, March 12, 2012

Game 1

We had our first game last night and for many of us it was the first time we had been put into any sort of game situation with this team.  Prior to yesterday we have played handball, worked on some punting, done some shooting, done a lot of one touch passing and a few dribbling drills.  But yesterday was our first game situation... it showed.  We played a team from Norway and the game ended in a tie 4-4.

We opened up the scoring because Norway scored an own goal.  Shortly after, Norway went up 2-1. We responded just before half as one of the girls from Cameroon scored but was then injured, so we went into half time tied 2-2.  Our coach was not pleased with our performance, but we were happy that it was tied.  In the second half I scored the third goal after I chased down a long punt from our keeper and was able to beat the goalie and their center back. We scored again on a bomb from out outside back, the other Cameroon girl making it 4-2.  From confusion and mistakes we let in two goals to end the game 4-4.  It was crazy to say the least.

Overall the soccer from either teams was not very good, but the game was fast and exposing.  I felt good about my performance and was very pleased with the opportunity to start and play a full match.  I thought I took advantage of that opportunity.

We played in the next city over from Belek, called Antalya.  So we had to take a bit of a bus ride back which was uncomfortable and smelly.  But overall everyone was satisfied with a draw considering it was our first match together.  I have found out that our schedule is more like guidelines and there is not real daily itinerary, so we do not know when the next match is.

We got the morning off and spent it doing what ever we felt was best for our bodies.  Now I am sitting here writing this not knowing if we will have training in an hour, so I am going to check and if not go take a nice walk on the beach!



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