Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time in Turkey

Well our time here in Turkey is winding down and I am both bummed (or bummbed) and excited.  Turkey is absolutely beautiful and I suggest that all of you come if you ever have the opportunity.  It has been full of adventure, laughs, soccer, good food, new languages and perfect beaches.  As our time here is winding down and many of our players are departing for camp with their national teams we have the last few days here off.  So we did what any girls would do... sit on the beach, play some volley ball, swim in the Mediterranean, and go into Belek.

The funniest of these was our beach volleyball game.... we woke up and went to see what was on our daily schedule and found that on our morning agenda was a mandatory meeting on the beach.  This was stressful because we all took it as a beach run.... but when we got down there we saw a volleyball and a court set up!  Naturally, we got our game faces on and prepared to play....
 Njoya by the net and Nana rolling up her sleeves...
 The beginning of the match (this was my team... the "good guys")
 During a rally (this was the other team... the "bad guys")
 I failed....
 And then got sand in my face and down my shirt...
 and so, Njoya and Simone were laughing at me
 Then a group of men who look like the man standing behind Davis here decided they wanted to join our game....
 So it became a game of girls vs. boys... look at the man in the red skivvies in the back... i think he is funny.
We won obviously.

But what we didnt get pictures of (unfortunately) was the guy that was pictured in the tiny blue man bikini suit while he was playing.... let me describe it for you.... He was not very coordinated or maybe his glasses were too shaded and he couldnt see because he was diving or jumping at every ball even if he didnt need to be.  His jumping was often times into someone else and then he would fly in the sand landing in some awkward position with his legs flying in different directions.  But the funniest was when he served he would throw the ball up and then jump up to hit the ball... but one of his legs would kick out straight in front of him so he was doing a spread eagle over hand volley ball serve.  If by some odd chance he got the ball over the net none of us could return it because we were either trying to look away from seeing anything fly out of his tiny man bikini or we were laughing too hard to see the ball make it over the net.  It was hysterical (aka hilarious... annabelle allen) to say the least....!

We have a fishing trip planned tomorrow so I will put up some pictures after that!!



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  1. That is a sweet pose by the guy in the background with the g-string! hahaha