Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Game 2

Now that things have settle in I dont have that much new material to talk to you about.  Our days are focused around three things: sleeping, eating, and soccer.  I have found a bit of time to do a few other random things like take walks on the beach, attempt to learn Russian or Spanish or play my guitar. The youngest girl on the team is a Russian and I cant pronounce her name, so we have started calling her 'Baby'.... well her favorite song is Shakira's "Waka, Waka", which, through a game of charades I figured out she wanted me to learn... so that took up an hour of my day (which was exciting that there was something new to think about).  As everyone heard the guitar they came to listen and within a few minutes we had ourselves a multi cultural band.  I like to call us the Papillon Hallway Scoundrels, but no one else knows that, except you guys now, I suppose... Anyways, the Swedish girl (Ximel) is the singer, I am the guitarist and the Brasilian (Simone) and Baby are the dancers.  It is quite the spectacle.  I will consider posting a video link on here sometime after we have it down a little bit better.

A few nights ago we were rudely awakened by a mighty storm that was blowing in.  It literally sounded like a hurricane was hitting.  This hotel is not the most insulated place and the wind was whistling through every little crack.  Everything was creaking and the thunder sounded like it was going to just smash the hotel... and for those of you who dont know... loud sounds at night really scare me! So that was not fun to wake up to... but I bring this up because that storm forced us to the confines of this hotel for a few days.  We had a couple gym sessions, but really that just meant more boring time to do nothing.

But finally the weather let up today and we were able to play our second game.  We played the team in which I thought we were playing the first day, from Kazakhstan.  We won 3-1 pretty handedly.  The soccer was better and we looked more organized.  The referees were absolutely atrocious and that did not help either side because there was no flow to the game.  That was a bit frustrating, but it was good to come away with a win!

I have heard that our next game will be on Friday, but as I said I have found that nothing is absolute! So be sure to check in and find out.

I do have one small story for you... The night of the big storm I was trying to fall back asleep after we first heard the loud thunder.  As you know I have my guitar here... I keep it next to my bed leaned up against the wall so that it is sort of protected from getting hit by something... Anyways, as I was trying to go back to sleep I had my left arm folded so it was under my head.  I dont remember falling back asleep but apparently I did because I was again rudely awakened by a loud sound... I had moved my head to try to get the creak out of my neck and I felt something fall off the bed and it fell right into my guitar. It made a really loud, terrible a bang/strum on my guitar strings.  It woke both me and my roommate up.  So I looked over to see what had fallen and I saw my arm laying on my guitar.  Because it was folded under my head it had cut off all the circulation to my arm and it was completely dead.  I couldnt feel anything nor could I move it.  So I had to use my other hand to pick my arm up off my guitar and move it back onto the bed.  I laughed at myself.

Thats all that I have for you... but the real news is that we have played two games, I have started and played both and we have not lost yet!!! Wahoooo, good start to a professional career!!




  1. Just so you know D this is like one of my favorite things to read every week now! haha So glad to hear you're having fun! :-)

  2. Great start for sure. Keep posting and keep playing!! Looking forward to some videos or pictures.